Saturday, December 18, 2010

Daggerboard Case

The daggerboard case got framed up today. Inside of the case will be lined with outdoor carpet to make the board slide with slight friction. The hope is that the board will stay at any height you put it and that the carpet will protect the daggerboard finish. I mocked it all up on the bench first, with oversize spacers then took a bit off the spacers until the friction felt about right. Don't know how this will behave once wet and after the carpet ages a bit but I'm planning on gluing the carpet in only at the top and bottom so that it can be cut/chiseled/beaten out of the daggerboard case if tweaks are needed.

Test fit to get the inside clearance for the daggerboard just right.

Closeup of the carpet.

Daggerboard case interior framing.

Total time to date: 229hrs

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