Sunday, January 23, 2011

Framing Hull Details

Daggerboard case is finished and fitted to hull but not glued in yet.  All of the front and rear seat support framing is in place.

Two halves ready to be bonded together.  I epoxy coated the crap out of the insides as repair in there will be difficult.

Shaping the bottom of the cedar framing down to the curvature of the ply sides.  The curve cut from the plans matches the bottom curve perfectly so no fiddly fitting required. 

Daggerboard case fitted in place.  The top needs to be trimmed down to mid seat height and I'm going to do it with the router or table saw rather than hacking at it once already installed in the boat.

I used two extruded aluminum rulers to transfer the seat bottom to the hull sides.  This would have worked great if one of the extrusions was not bent.  Did not notice that until later but caught it before gluing in the seat cleats.  Had to do it over.

Front seat cleats gluing.  Marking the hull sides was a royal pain also the cleats did not want to lay against the hull sides with just clamp pressure so I used a couple of screws from outside to pull them in place.  Hope that did not distort the hull. 

Rear seat cleats installed and seat support framing clamped in place. 

Front seat support framing being glued in.

Clamps everywhere!  I'm using two ratchet straps to pull the hull sides in slightly ahead and behind the mid seat bulkhead in order to fair the gunwhales.  This is tricky as just a bit too much tension and you get a nasty flat spot but without the straps I get a nasty flat spot at the side arms.

Total time to date: 249hrs

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