Friday, December 11, 2009

I have an excuse

Still no progress on the Goat. But there is a reason. We have completely lost our minds and acquired a MAJOR boat project. We bought a C&C Mega30 in need of .... well everything. The plan is to use the hull as the basis for a maxi-trailerable, tropical, shallow water cruiser. Nothing is firmed up yet but it goes something like this: cut the deck and about 8" off the sheer then build a pretty new deck and cabin. Throw on a free standing cat ketch rig and enjoy. Yes there will be a blog documenting this multi-year project. The Goat has to get finished before any real work starts on the big boat but it already has been a huge distraction so between the new "boat" and the holidays coming up I don't expect to get any GIS building done until January.

It'll buff out .....