Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Meade's Island" daysail

To celebrate being the only state without snow on the ground I joined the WCTSS for a daysail.  We have not been on the water in quite some time and it was good to get back out there.  Several  folks braved the relatively chilly 62 degrees with 15kn winds and we had a fun time catching up on the beach.

Launching at Pop Stansell Park in Palm Harbor. It's a nice beach launch, perfect for small boats and kayaks.

Ron and Whisper coming in at top speed.  Whisper flew at 9kn-10kn on the down wind run to "Meade's Island"

 Eric and Jane Devoe's beautiful Welsford  Houdini, Belafonte in the foreground.  We met up on the beach at "Meade's Island"  We call it "Meade's Island" because it's in front of Meade Gougeon's house.

Pulling out at the end of a great day


  1. Inspiring! Thanks for the post. Do you have the radially cut lug sail? Or is that another Goat sailor?

  2. Hi Clint, I have the radial sail developed here in StPete by Doyle-Ploch. I think they have built a handful more of the same Goat sail so we may see another out there. This one's mine http://goo.gl/DNY6PX