Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mark and Morgan Visit

Mark and Morgan, my best friends and roommates from college visited last weekend.  Mark lives in Sweden and Morgan lives in Minnesota so they were both looking forward to some mid November fun in the sun.  As has now become crystal clear we are not to have good weather whenever guests from up north arrive. This is starting to get ridiculous.  Morgan has been here two times during the fall when it's normally 80 and sunny and both times it's been crap.  Same for Mark and others.  My family has stopped coming down for Christmas because their visits coincide with nasty cold fronts  Anyway, we had a great time hanging out at some of St Pete's attractions and even got a damp but warmish day out on Goat.

 Three amigos ready to set off for a little sail out Bunces Pass and into the Gulf.

Break for lunch on North Beach.

I like the pastel colors however this is not what DeSoto is supposed to look like.

This is what the same spot at DeSoto looks like 99% OF THE TIME!

Mark took the helm on the way back.

Morgan was very concerned.

It started drizzling.

The crew braved the conditions in good spirits.

 Coming back to the launch site.

Dali Museum was fun.

Habana Cafe, superb as always. Tostones!