Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inwale spacers

The router is getting a workout.  I used a flush trim bit to trim the seat tops flush with the bulkheads then hit them with a roundover bit.  Set up a jig on my plunge router to cut the inwale spacers with a semicircular cut on each end.  Took most of the afternoon to do it but they look good.

Router with 3/4" bit screwed to wooden jig that centers a 3/4" wide piece of cedar under the bit.

Six foot long, 3/4" wide cedar inwale stock slid into jig.

3/4" thick cedar strip in jig.  Note stop that sets the proper length for the spacer without crushing the fragile tips.

Plunge cut begins.

A lot of noise and dust later we have 52 spacers,  + a few spares.

A quick sanding with 120grit wrapped around a 3/4" dowel cleans up the cutouts.

Boat shed in full swing.

 Total time to date: 287hrs

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