Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Took forever but all of the inwale spacers are glued in and epoxy coated and sanded, ready for inwales to be attached.  I'm shaping the breasthook and knees before gluing in the inwales so that I have room to adjust things.

All spacers glued on ready to fit inwales.

All of the sidearm tops are hidden by strategically placed inwale spacers.

Trimming the inwales to length.

Fitting the breasthook.  Took a while fitting the funky angles. No epoxy yet.

I was not crazy about how the daggerboard case top was looking so I made a ply cover for it that I like much better.  Blue tape is masking for big fillets to hide the gaps in the butt splices. 

Took a few hours off from building to go see all the cool boats at the annual Cortez Small Craft Festival. Click on the slide show to go to the Picasa web album.

Total time to date: 347hrs

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