Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ply Parts Kit

Spent most of today laying out and cutting all of the major ply parts.  Things went smoothly since I already did this once during the China ply debacle.  This time around I used Joubert brand Okoume and it is much better looking stuff.

These are all of the major ply parts other than hull sides and bottom.

I'm going to epoxy coat the individual pieces before assembly as it is much easier to spread and sand epoxy on flat horizontal surfaces.  I drove the wrong car to move the pieces to my garage from Dave's (where the boat is being built) but they fit, kinda sorta.

Total time to date: 115hrs

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  1. Wow! Update out of nowhere! Sweet to see you still moving along. Keep 'em coming. Epic trip in FL by the way, nice to look at warm sailing pics while holed down for a NH winter.