Friday, December 11, 2009

I have an excuse

Still no progress on the Goat. But there is a reason. We have completely lost our minds and acquired a MAJOR boat project. We bought a C&C Mega30 in need of .... well everything. The plan is to use the hull as the basis for a maxi-trailerable, tropical, shallow water cruiser. Nothing is firmed up yet but it goes something like this: cut the deck and about 8" off the sheer then build a pretty new deck and cabin. Throw on a free standing cat ketch rig and enjoy. Yes there will be a blog documenting this multi-year project. The Goat has to get finished before any real work starts on the big boat but it already has been a huge distraction so between the new "boat" and the holidays coming up I don't expect to get any GIS building done until January.

It'll buff out .....


  1. Don't Dis the Goat, Simon!

    After that beautiful job you did on the mast, you have to bring her home!

    I actually am so impressed with your birdsmouth cuts...they look so tight. Did you clean them up with a router? What table saw blade did you use? I have difficulty getting my saw adjusted to make the good cuts I've had before with B'mouth joints. Interestingly enough my saw at my old shop was a Rigid, like yours. But, anyway, do you have another secret?

    I joined your blog...I'm blogging too, check it out. Have fun with the boat(s). I used to do big boats, too, and miss it.

  2. Hi Clint, No dissing the Goat! Project is back on track with updates coming shortly.

    I have no secret to the bird's mouth cuts other than beginner's luck and some patience setting it up. Using firm feather boards to make sure the staves do not wander while cutting. I used the blade that came with the saw which is nothing special.

    Just checked out your blog. You have some really great stuff. The carbon oar blades are awesome. Carbon is one of my favorite materials to play with and the Goat will need a set ..... :-) BTW I also use Le Tonkinois and like it a lot although the Goat will probably get an Interlux Perfection clear coat.