Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dave's stripping


cedar that is.....
No progress on the GIS but Dave has been busy making cedar and redwood strips for the kayak. He's managed to cut 16 and 20 foot lumber down to 1/4" strips, all by himself. A very thin kerf 7-1/4" blade mounted on the table saw and a couple good feather-boards did the trick. Next step is to saw each strip in half yielding the 1/4 x 3/4 strips, then it's on to beading and coveing.

All of the stations are now mounted and aligned on the strong-back, ready for the first strip.

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  1. Good work. I am building a Spring Run from Red Fish. I have just started not as advanced as you, did you buy yoiur forms or cut them yourself I am having abit of trouble keeping my forms 'in' shape. I guess will have to slow down a bit, the skills are abit rusty after 30 years of not using them.
    Any tips on the forms.
    I will watch your progress from here 'Downunder'