Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cedar Key in the RV

We have a new-to-us toy. It's a small class-A RV called an Amera Coach II. This Cedar Key trip was our first RV open water voyage.

Launching Goat. Does this still count as small boat camping?

The weather was superb and there were several WCTSS boats out sailing while we launched and beached Goat at Island Place. Photo: Rex and Kathy Payne.

Friday night sunset at the aptly named Sunset Isle campground. We love this place.

The view from our bed was OK.

Saturday dawned very gray and dreary with a forecast for afternoon thunderstorms. We met up with a few other boats and sailed over to Snake Key. The wind was adequate but dying. 

Michael Jones's Malu and Goat at Snake Key.

On the beach at Snake Key.

Leaving Snake Key with almost no wind, we walked our boats up current to avoid getting swept onto a shoal.

The wind kept dying.

Kent and crew milking the zephyrs for all they are worth.

Some, who shall remain nameless, succumbed to the hydrocarbon's siren call.

After a long paddle-sail we arrived at Atsena Otie where most of the group had gathered.

On the way back to Island Place beach. Still no wind. It piped up just as we were entering the harbor, figures.

A good time was had at Island Hotel Restaurant, Saturday night.

Sunday Hugh Horton and I set out to explore behind Scale Key. When we got out of the lee of Cedar Key the wind was gusting to 15kn so we beached and put in the second reef. Still plenty of power but a much more sedate ride for pleasant exploring.

Moving halyard attachment forward to balance the second reef. Photo: Hugh Horton.

The tide was falling fast so we changed plans and headed for Corrigan Reef.

Exploring the fascinating terrain of Corrigan Reef while keeping an eye out for the elusive Marbled Weed Dabbler.

Preparing to leave Corrigan Reef for Cedar Key. The boat bottom takes a good beating on the oyster shells. Periodic touchup with epoxy fixes it right up.

Back at camp Sunday evening. The clouds lifted and we were treated to another spectacular sunset.


  1. You're right, that is a perfect motor home and it's cool looking. Dave

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