Friday, April 24, 2015

Sarasota Sailing Squadron Classic Craft Festival

Visiting Sarasota Sailing Squadron is always a good time. The facilities are perfect for hosting the Classic Craft Festival. Since we are a short drive away we brought both Egret and Goat. It was hot and we were feeling lazy all weekend so Goat never got launched. We launched Egret and stayed at the docks taking the boat out for a spin a couple of times. There was a fun race on Saturday but getting a bunch of non racers to show up at the starting line is a bit challenging. Nevertheless we had a good time pretending to race and chasing a few boats around.  Mostly we sat around, looked at each other's boats and swapped lot's of lies.

A couple of Friday arrivals,  Mike's stretched Windmill "Malu" and our "Goat".

This Skipjack is for sale.

Egret after launching. We stayed near shore power to run a big fan cause the nights were pretty muggy.

Pat Ball's, Luzier built "Baby Doll".

Is this a race?

Chasing "Baby Doll".

Dennis's "Egret".

Kent and Barbara's TwoBow with Meade on board were the fastest boat in the "race".

"TwoBow" leads Drascombe Long Boat then our Egret.

Rest of the fleet rounding the mark behind us.

One more of Dennis's "Egret".

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