Monday, November 17, 2014

Cedar Key in November

No it's not the first weekend in May but it sure felt like it when boat after boat started showing up at the beach in front of Island Place. We had a great turnout of 20 boats, or so. Cedar Key is such a wonderful place to mess about that more than one annual trip is mandatory. Here's to a new tradition. 

Approaching Atsena Oatie Saturday.

 A lot of traditional rigs on the beach.

 Luke trying out "Goat".

Jane and Eric approaching in "Belafonte", over the bow of Doug's Penobscot 17.

 Mike's superb Eel "Aunt Louise".

 Rex and Cathy's CLC kayaks with Ron's "Whisper".

 Luke still out there in the dying breeze.

Luke the Goater.

Bob Treat had the right idea rowing "Freddie The Cat".

 Welsford Houdini "Belafonte" and "Freddie"

The breeze picked up in the afternoon. Tim with crew wing and wing.

Luke out on the leeward ama of "Whisper" preparing for a successful mid-flight crew transfer to "Goat". Photo: Hugh Horton

 Two Sea Pearls and "Goat" at Snake Key.

Goat burgee up and flying.

Saturday afternoon view from the Lukoski hospitality suite.

Saturday a bunch of us headed out to Dog Island. Bob Treat really moves out in his sliding seat rowing shell.

 Dog Island.

 Pat checking out "Belafonte"

 Hugh Horton and Bob Treat in their back yard.

 Jane getting into the spirit of things.

Somewhere out there. Photo: Hugh Horton

 On the way to North Key from Dog Island.

Gotta pay attention to sail trim.

 Cause Tim's on the hunt.

Can't shake that guy. Photo: Hugh Horton

Tim has the SeaPearl figured out. Photo: Hugh Horton.

 Doug arriving at North Key.

 Gotta walk those deep draft vessels.

 On the beach at North Key looking out towards Atsena Oatie.

 Lot's of dolphins on our way back to Cedar Key.

"Goat" by the Cedar Key bridge. Getting ready to pack up.


  1. Always a great collection of pictures here, Simon. That's one hell of a rig on the Penobscot, reminds me of a Periwinkle, almost.

    I'm excited that you are starting your sailing season. It's always a bridge for me up here in NH!

  2. Penobscot is a thing of beauty. Goes real well too.

    Don't freeze!