Friday, April 11, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different

Not doing any sailing lately but we did make it to Sun-n-Fun. In case you are not an airplane nut, Sun-n-Fun is the second largest airshow after Oshkosh. It's a great time and only an hour away from our house. We were in a good spot and the light was right to get a few decent shots of the Blue Angels.

 Wing tip to adjacent airplane's canopy is 18 inches.....really. Look it up.
"Fat Albert" the Blue Angels support aircraft.
Not something you see every day, P-51, P-38 and F-22.
Shiny show-planes.
Hinge and latch mechanism on the Grumman Avenger's folding wing is a work of art. Ridiculously small and light considering what it has to do. Why do we not have push-button hydraulically operated folding masts on our boats? Oh yeah, sailboats are of no military value.
Matt Younkin puts on an impressive show in the Beech 18.
 Just Aircraft's Super STOL. One of my favorite planes at the show. This thing will take off and land in less than 100ft. A lot less in the hands of an experienced STOL pilot.
As dirty as it gets on final. Deployed leading edge slats clearly visible. That's an autogyro in the background.
We camped with friends at the show and watched the night aerobatics from the campsite while sipping refreshments.  Yes that is an airplane doing aerobatics while spewing fireworks.  Pretty awesome for airplane-nut pyromaniacs. You know who you are.

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