Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crystal River Boat Builders Launch Blockade Runner Scow Replica "Spirit"

For the last two years the Crystal River Boat Builders, CRBB, have been diligently building a replica of the 36ft blockade runner scow "Wartappo".  They only used tools and methods that were available during the 1860's.  That means no DeWalts or Makitas in sight.  Here's a description of the Wartappo:  Today was the christening and launch of the scow. The operation went smoothly and "Spirit" slid into the waters of Crystal River as the crowd cheered enthusiastically.  Well done you crazy boat building fools!  Go to the CRBB facebook page for lots more info and pics:

 Tractor ready for the pull to the ramp.

 At the ramp the tractor was unhitched and moved to the bow where it pushed the scow the rest of the way down the ramp.

 Massive tabernacle.

 Happy papa.

 Thumbs up for the final push.


She floats!

The Queen approves.

 The crowd is happy.

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  1. Excellent design! I'd like to share. First, Understand the design before deciding to build the boat. You may have to really think about what the implications of which direction is and know your limits. Secondly, Carefully choose your material. Wood is difficult to maintain and fiberglass is usually combined with a composite or wooden core. Metal will require you to have a large metal knowledge base to begin fabrication. Good day!~ Tomas Addison