Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Epoxy Coating The Goat Mast Without Runs

It is time to refinish the Goat mast.  The original epoxy coating job had all sorts of runs and I never varnished it so after two years it was looking a bit worn.  I rigged up a truly Rube Goldberg contraption to spin the mast while I applied the epoxy.  This worked exceedingly well.  The mast remained spinning for a few hours until the epoxy kicked off enough to guarantee no runs.  The rig is beyond simple.  The mast tip has a long decking screw driven into it to act as a bearing.  The mast base already has a 1/4" hole in it for ventilation so I shoved in a length of 1/4" rod with a shaft collar and a screw acting as a drive dog does on a lathe.  I'm pretty sure a decking screw with it's head cut off, chucked in the drill would work just as well.  The whole works was suspended by two ratchet straps and rotated well in the hooks. A wire zip tie held the trigger at just the right speed.  The DeWalt had no problem spinning this at low rpm and after a few hours it was barely warm.