Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Lazy December Daysail on Lake Tarpon

It was a half hour drive to Lake Tarpon and when I arrived several of the WCTSS folks were already rigging their boats. There was a light breeze on the nose leaving the ramp so we all spent a long time tacking out into the open lake. My dagger board and rudder kept getting tangled in weeds which was interesting as it feelt like the laws of physics had all of a sudden abandoned me and the boat with full sail would no longer make any progress to windward.  The forcast for light to non existent wind from opposite directions proved accurate, nevertheless there was enough to get the fleet moving.  We had a very relaxing sail as the early morning fog gave way to another sunny mid 70s day.  It's rough here mid December but we press on.
After a good, long lunch we sailed back up-wind to the ramp.  Why am I always sailing up-wind to and from any given destination?  The wind finally died completely and I rowed back to the ramp.  There was a bit of mayhem at the ramp as a bass tournament weigh-in was taking place.  An octane and beer fueled bass fisherman, hell bent on making it to weigh-in is not a force to be taken lightly so rather than deal with the crazies I tied Goat up to a fence post and chilled.  An hour or so later the ramp was almost deserted and I took my time getting the boat packed up while enjoying the afternoon sun.

 Tacking out to the open lake.
 After a pleasant sail into the dying breeze, we all descended on the Tarpon Turtle restaurant for lunch.
 I think this is the first time Goat has been in a slip.
Nick Lackey's self designed double ender, Viking sharpie?
Leaving the Turtle after lunch.  To no one's surprise it was a beat back to the ramp.
 Nick at the helm, photo by Carol and Dennis Marshall
 Me, photo by Carol and Dennis Marshall
 Two Goats, photo by Carol and Dennis Marshall
  The wind was on the nose coming back and then died completely.  Here I have just come off plane to obey the posted speed limit. Photo by Carol and Dennis Marshall


  1. Oh, the sacrifices you Floridians make; you suck up all the sun and warm breezes so we don't have to. A truly thankless service...

  2. You've gotten a head start on 2014 GIS Calendar nominations! "Me", "Two Goats", and "The Wind Was on the Nose" are all ready for public consumption.

    Still no name for your boat though? Are you talking to her enough?

    I hope you enjoy the holidays, balmy as they may be... cheers!

    1. Unfortunately all those pics are very low res, no good for calendar size.

      We've been calling the boat "The Goat" since day one and it's has stuck. So the official name is Goat. Not creative, I know but it's what she wants.

      Thanks for the holiday wishes. I wish you all the best.

  3. Thanks Simon, great pics and video, enjoyed the blog very much. Ray A.
    American 18,
    Winter Park Fl.

  4. Hi Ray, Thanks for the nice comment. Glad you are enjoying the blog. See you on the water.