Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bobbing on a Saturday

We spent the day at Ft De Soto bobbing and relaxing with friends from WCTSS .  The day started out windless but the current was in our favor so we all drifted from the launch ramps over to the north side of De Soto beach and cooled off by soaking in the water.  The usual afternoon storms started building but they looked like they were going to miss us so some of us decided to wait them out on the beach.  Soon enough the storms cleard out and we were rewarded with a decent sailing breeze.  Ron yelled let's go and we all jumped in our boats and sailed out Bunces Pass and into the Gulf.  We chased each other around for a while, enjoying the light breeze.  Ron, at one point skimmed over a shoal and we followed in a slightly different and shallower spot.  Kristi pulled the bord up all the way and I had maybe 3 inches of rudder down.  We skimmed right over in, maybe 6 inches of water.  What fun!  Fred, in his Sea Pearl mono "Deja Vu", followed behind us and had to get out for a second to shove over the shoall.  Don't follow The Goat into shoals unless you draw 3 inches or so :-).  We had a slow but nice run back to the ramps with us in The Goat and 3 Sea Pearls sailing in close company.

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