Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fitting the seat tops

Aaargh I'm really doing a bad job keeping this blog current.  Boat building is inching along.  Finally got to fit and glue the seat tops.  Having the boat on it's trailer from early on has been a great help.  First of all the boat can be moved around easily but also the trailer is a rigid frame that allows for easy leveling of the boat.  It came in handy while fitting the seat tops as I was able to square the boat up using the trailer frame as a strong back.

Inside of forward buoyancy tank epoxy coated and ready for seat top.

Rear tank epoxy coated and ready to be sealed

Mid seat shaping to hull side contour.  I used the same basic procedure for the front and rear seat tops.  The front was pretty easy but the rear took a while because of the notches needed for the transom corner framing.

Butting the oversize seat top up against the hull side and transferring the hull contour by using a small scrap of ply as a guide.  Once one side is done repeat on other side but sneak up on it to not cut the seat too short.

  I levelled the dagger board case top fore and aft by adjusting the trailer tongue jack.  Once the dagger board case top was level I clamped the seat top to it and levelled it at the hull side then drew a pencil line on the hull side under the seat top.  This line is a guide to gluing on the mid seat side cleats.

Ziplock filled with thickened epoxy depositing a nice fat bead onto seat top supports.

Took more weight than I thought to get the seat top to lay flat and in contact with all of the supports.

Front seat top being glued down.

Overview of the mess.

Total time to date 270hrs

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