Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Baaaak

It's been a while but I'm slowly getting back to building.  I was pretty close to hull assembly stage when the build got put on hold so it won't be long before we go 3D.  I just got done scarfing the chine logs and shaping the stem.  The plan for this weekend is to glue the chine logs to the hull sides and cut the chine log clearance notches in the bulkheads.  Hoping to do a dry assembly run real soon.  I'm so out of practice blogging that I forgot to take any pictures.  Instead here is a video (it's in HD) from last weekend's 3 day sail trip to Cayo Costa with the WCTSS.

And the picture album from the same trip.  Click on the slide show to see it big in Picasa.

Total time to date: 175hrs

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