Monday, September 7, 2009

Foils Epoxy Coated

Coated the foils with one coat of MAS Flag epoxy resin. I did one side at a time with the foils horizontal. This eliminated runs and allowed for a fairly thick coat of epoxy. A quick sanding and maybe one more thinner coat if needed and the foils are ready for varnish. The rope handle holes are already drilled in the rudder. The dagger board still needs to be drilled. The holes got filled with leftover epoxy and will be re-drilled for the rope. This seals the cedar core preventing any chance of water intrusion. I drilled the rudder before fiberglassing and the drill bit tore out some of the very soft cedar. The clear epoxy has made the tear out all but invisible, nevertheless I think it's much safer to drill after glassing since the glass should prevent any tear out. We will see when the dagger board is drilled.
A couple of tear out gouges I had in the rudder, from inept planing, disappeared almost completely under the epoxy and I have to look real hard to locate them so am real happy about that.

Total time to date: 73hrs

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  1. Lemme tell you, those look HOT. Good tip on drilling the holes after filling them with epoxy, thanks!